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  • Leland Takes The Stage

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    The promotional products industry’s go-to publication Wearables Magazine did a Q&A interview with President & CEO, Leland Felsenthal, regarding his current take on apparel in the  industry as well as other topics.  Click here to read the article.

    Tissue Boxes

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    CustomTisssueBoxes-IOW2Did you ever notice that no one ever throws away a tissue box. That is why they are one of the best promotional items. Plenty of advertising space and assurance that your messaging will be in front the recipients for a very long time. Promote future events, sales contests or important information from human resources.

    Custom Shape Magnets

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    CustomShapeMagnets-IOW2If you have the need for a magnet and you have some great four color graphics to utilize than we would like to discuss our custom shape magnet capabilities. Any size and any shape but really our printing capabilities are what people are talking about. It’s almost like you are looking at the graphics in HD.