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  • Portable Beach Tables

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    Beach Table

    We can’t believe that it took until 2014 for someone to come up with this idea. Our exclusive Beach Table can be be carried in your beach bag and then assembled and planted in the sand in a matter of seconds. Plenty of room to hold two drinks and maybe some sunglasses or sunscreen. Great for resorts, retail, or your next national sales meeting.

    Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

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    Sunflower Seeds - Corporate

    If you are looking for something very different, that your friends and/or customers will be talking about long after your event, this is it! Tantalizing sunflower seeds coated in smooth milk chocolate and a beautiful rainbow candy shell. These really look and taste great. Perfect for any occasion. They’re crunchy, sweet, and very stylish in a wide variety of fun colors to match your color scheme.

    Opaque – Los Angeles & Other Cool Cities

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    Opaque 2

    Imagine for two hours you cannot see, that you are abandoning vision, in exchange for a new, more stimulating dining experience.  Our group of four experienced “Dining in the Dark” and to top it off…the wait staff were legally blind.  Amazing.  It really heightens your senses and you will uncover a new appreciation for those without sight.  Instead of going to your favorite standby or chain give this place a “looksee.”  Pun intended.

    Ralph’s – Philadelphia

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    It does not look like much from the outside but this is America’s oldest family owned restaurant. Ralph’s is owned and operated by the fourth generation of the Dispigno family, insuring that you will receive the same great food and high quality service that has been a Ralph’s tradition for over 100 years!

    If you are staying downtown Philly and are looking for great Italian food, take a 5 minute taxi to South Philly.

    Eli Manning & Donor Wall Recognition

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    Eli Manning looking with approval

    Eli Manning looking with approval

    Not only is Eli Manning a Super Bowl quarterback, he is a Super Donor. Eli is shown
    admiring the donor display for the Eli Manning Children’s Clinic at the University of Mississippi Healthcare facility. The recognition display recognizes major donors to a capital campaign and includes historical information on Mr. Manning, the lead donor.

    Public Identity is tailored to suit the unique needs of a fundraiser. We offer a full service design and manufacturing operation along with field consultants to help you through every step of the process. Through our years of experience, we have
    encountered the many realities of recognizing donors. We have a wide selection of
    displays to share with you as a way to inspire and aid you in your process of creating a custom display that fits your organization. Any goal you may have can be accomplished with the numerous systems we offer.
    We work in a variety of materials and offer an endless spectrum of custom designs to fit your particular recognition needs.

    Call us when you have a need for a simple plaque or the opportunity to tell your story on an entire wall.

    Energy Shot

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    Energy ShotThis Raspberry flavored energy shot has No Fat, No Sugar, No Carbs, No Crash, Zero Calories and is Rich in “B” Vitamins. A great way to boost your energy.

    21C Museum Hotel – Cincinnati

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    Located in the center of the action in downtown Cincinnati – adjacent to the Contemporary Arts Center and across the street from the Aronoff Center for the Arts – 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati is a 156-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum and cultural civic center. PS. It has a great rooftop bar!

    Malibu Beach Inn – Los Angeles

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    Malibu Beach Inn

    Located along the strip of seashore nicknamed “Billionaire’s Beach” this unique boutique hotel offers you complete relaxation, from 47 well-appointed rooms and suites, each with a private balcony, to the breathtaking views and magical sunsets you’ll enjoy while having an Executive Chef create the only beachfront gourmet dining experience of any of the Malibu beach hotels. Enjoy tranquil on-site spa services and feel yourself shift into that “Malibu moment.”

    You’re just steps away from Malibu landmarks and high-end boutiques. From rugged hiking trails to wild watersports — paddleboarding, anyone? — dive into an array of activities within minutes.

    Conveniently located, and within short drives to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles International Airport.

    The Square Bottle

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    Square Bottle

    Featuring a removable top and bottom, fingerprint/smudge-proof finish, wide carrying handle, and sleek modern design, The Square is perfect for the client looking for a truly unique item that will impress recipients. Unscrews from both ends for easy cleaning. Won’t roll away if dropped. Wide, ergonomic handle. No metallic tasting water. Leak proof. Guaranteed for life.