The Roll of Vitamin C

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Promote healthy living with a Vitamin C Saver Roll. Vitamin C is not naturally manufactured by your body, but it is a vitamin your body needs.

12 tablets containing the 150mg. of the antioxidant Vitamin C make up each roll. A healthy alternative to candy. Who has time to eat fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and peppers. Vitamin C Saver Rolls are much more efficient.

As low as $1.39

Whistle If You Need One

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In case you have something to say, and say it loudly!

Your ability to signal for help is the number one factor in being rescued. Carrying a rescue whistle on your person is an inexpensive and easy way to identify yourself as being in need of rescue and being found.

One of the safest forms of personal protection is a loud whistle. A whistle can’t be turned against you like many other personal defense tools. People have been conditioned to know that the sound from a whistle is a call for action and it instantly gets their attention. Carry your keys on this key ring and be safe.

As low as $.75

Under our Umbrella, Ella, Ella

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Public Identity has you covered when it comes to umbrellas. Our mid-size is an economical push-button, auto-open compact folding umbrella. Rubberized handle and nylon sleeve. Windproof frame and great value make this a popular choice. Available in 42 colors combinations.

The large umbrellas is an auto-open folding golf style umbrella with a steel wind-resistant frame and fiberglass ribs. Features nylon fabric, black rubberized handle, vented canopy and a matching sleeve with a shoulder strap. Available in 20 color combinations.

An opportunity for large and multiple imprints. It’s rainvertizing!

Mid-Size: 72 @ $7.95
Large: 72 @ $11.95

USB Memory Sticks – Credit Card Style

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As far as we are concerned, the “U” in USB stands for unique. Today, USB flash drives come in gigabytes, allowing users to store complete MP# catalogs, tens of thousands of photos, entire movies, video games, applications, and more. Suddenly, USB flash drives contain the stories of their owners, and that’s more personal. And when things get personal, there’s a need to reflect personality. That’s where we come in. We provide a high quality product that looks great and delivers outstanding performance inside. Available in 7 colors. Storage capacity from 1 up to 32 GB.

As low as $12.95

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

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If you are looking for something different that your friends and customers will be talking about long after your event, this is it! Tantalizing sunflower seeds coated in smooth milk chocolate and a beautiful rainbow candy shell. These really look and taste great. Perfect for any occasion. They’re crunchy, sweet, and very stylish in a wide variety of fun colors to match your color scheme.

Bags: $1.25 Small and $2.00 Large
Tubes: $2.06 Small and $2.95 Large