Our Idea of the Week:

Frizzy Finger Dusters

Everyone needs a Frizzy Finger Duster at their desk. These 100% microfiber material are great for cleaning computer monitors, keyboards, telephones, etc. and is reusable and washable.

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We help organizations recognize their people, customers, suppliers and milestones. We make it easy to celebrate extraordinary accomplishments, delivering the very best in recognition - one piece at a time.

Latest from our blog:

Leland Takes The Stage

The promotional products industry’s go-to publication Wearables Magazine did a Q&A interview with President & CEO, Leland Felsenthal, regarding his current take on apparel in the industry as well as other topics.

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Humble Beginnings

Before Founder and CEO, Leland Felsenthal, joined the promotional product industry in 1998 he drove a VW Bus from California to the East Coast. A care free time in one person’s life and before a career and responsibility set in.

Over thirteen years Public Identity now has 2000+ customers and it’s tough to meet everyone face-to-face. One can dream. Our dream is to take $1.00 from every order and put it away so that someday we have enough money to purchase an RV or bus and travel from coast-to-coast and visit as many customers as we can.